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Rescue Dogs

The ASANSW aims to offer breed rescue to Australian Shepherds in need whether it be a private surrender/rescue sitation or via the NSW Council Pounds.

The club aims to return the dog to the breeder in the first instance, and where information allows the breeder to be identified. In the absence of breeder identity, the club will liase with the pound/shelter in question with the view of extracting the dog for rehabilitation and rehoming.

If you know of an Aussie in need, please contact:-

Cathy Nugent 0413 684 701 [email protected]
Deidre Masters (02) 6331 7631, 0427 317 631 [email protected]
Debbie O'Donnell 0448 887 118 [email protected]

There are currently no dogs in need of rescue via the club.

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