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2014 Conformation Show, Obedience & Rally O Trial

Saturday, 19 April, 2014
Ms Gail Karamalegos (USA) came out to officiate for us at Easter 2014. Gail is an ASCA Senior Breeder Judge as well as an AKC Breeder Judge and has judged across the US (including at Nationals) and Europe. This is her first trip down under. This was the NSW club's first US breed specialist.

Gail's Autobiography:

26 years ago, I was sitting in the stands at a local rodeo in Snook, Texas, when I saw my first Australian Shepherd. I had no idea what kind of dog it was that was in the arena, with its bob tail and strange coloration (dark blue merle), doing tricks and helping the clown deal with the occasional contrary bull, but I asked a nearby cowboy if he knew what kind of dog it was, and he said "Aussie-- Australian Shepherd." At that moment, I knew that I wanted a dog like that, so I did what most people did in those days-- I looked in the classified section of the local paper. There was one ad for Aussie puppies, and I called the man, Thomas Brady, to see if he had any pups left. He said he had two, they were 8 weeks old, and I drove out to his ranch to see them. One was a striking dark red merle bitch with very minimal white, and I bought her for $60. He owned both parents -- the sire was a Slash V bred dog who turned out to be a CH Slash V Buckeye Bobby son, and the dam was bred by Joel Finch of Tex-Star Aussies -- and they were working ranch dogs. Luckily, Terry Martin (Slash V Aussies-- ASCA Hall of Fame Kennel) lived nearby, and I met her and learned a great deal about the background of my puppy and the breed in general. To say I was hooked is an understatement.

Over a year later, I met Lauri Butler of Cimarron Aussies, and purchased my first conformation bred puppy, who became my first champion-- CH Cimarron's Callie Rose. Lauri and I became best friends and I learned how to handle for the show ring. Seven years later, she tragically died of a heart attack, and I was on my own. I had learned so much from her, but I took it much further, studying canine structure & gait from the most knowledgeable people in the dog world, but always maintaining a tremendous respect for the working background of the breed. Over the years since I began in this breed, I finished 7 Cimarron dogs and 27 Callisto dogs in conformation, and have produced dogs with multiple titles in herding, agility, rally, flyball, and obedience. My foundation sire, CH Cimarron's Sterling Silver achieved ASCA Hall of Fame (HOF) Sire and AKC ROMX-I sire, his daughter CH Callisto's Rosie O'Donnell achieved ASCA HOF Dam, and her daughter CH Callisto's Ziggy Stardust only needs one more qualifying titled offpring for her ASCA HOF Dam. In 2012, my kennel achieved ASCA Hall of Fame Kennel, which for me is the pinnacle of everything I wanted. I have specialed 5 dogs to the ASCA Top 10 over the past 17 years, with numerous National Specialty Premier awards, Best Stud Dog, and Best Brood Bitch, and done so while maintaining the moderation that is so important to the breed.

The natural progression for me was to become a judge. By profession, I've been an Occupational Therapist for 37 years, and have an acute awareness of kinesiology, anatomy, and have spent countless hours studying how animals (not just people!) move and function. I had my first ASCA breeder judge assignment in 2001, and reached Senior Breeder Judge status in 2006, and I became an AKC judge in 2005. One of the greatest pleasures of being a judge is the privilege of travelling to various parts of the U.S. and overseas, and I have often conducted breed seminars on some of my trips to Europe as well. The people I have met in Finland, Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, France, and Belgium, have always made me feel so very welcome!! Travelling the world and seeing Aussies in other countries, and getting to judge them, is the most incredible experience.

Years ago, I served on the ASCA Breed Standard Review Committee, and I've been a member of the ASCA Conformation Committee now for several years. I'm a founding member of Eastex Australian Shepherd Club, and have served as an officer, show secretary, steward, and general do-it-all person. These have often been thankless jobs, but have been rewarding nonetheless.

Writing a bio is hard-- I never know how much to write, and there's always things left out when you think about them later on. But a very large part of my life has been devoted to this wonderful breed, and I hope that I have given as much to the breed as I've received.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Judge: Ms Gail Karamalegos (USA)

Baby Puppy Dog

1st Brandyark The Lightning Thief (AI) Baby Puppy in Show
2nd Dreamoz Keys To The City (AI)
3rd Parkeyre A Clash of Kings
Abs Borderton Speed Trap
Abs Dreamoz Wet And Wild (AI)
Dreamoz Flash Gordon
Parkeyre The Iron Throne

Minor Puppy Dog

1st Lanbart Captain America Minor Puppy in Show
2nd Nuthinbutt Risky Business
3rd Gemelo The Great Gatsby
Sarbinma Lucky Madoc

Puppy Dog

1st Aolani Maisilva Sonic Boom (imp USA) Puppy in Show
2nd Mysql Im On Fire
3rd Borderton Desk Jockey
Abs Aolani Maisilva Gunpowder (imp USA)
Foxstar Blue Print
Mainstreet The Colour of Money

Junior Dog

1st Maisilva Funky Cole Medina (AI)
2nd Ellagant Strategic Moves
3rd Blueamble Puppet Master
Abs Vulcan Magic At Shartooz (imp USA)
Dykinta Sea Patrol
Dykinta Wild Turkey
Dykinta Sea Shepherd

Intermediate Dog

1st Aust Ch Blueamble Leisure Suit Larry
2nd Crystaleye Hearts On Fire
3rd Aust Ch Tolazrun Too Good To Be Blue (AI)
Owjedoo A Road Less Travelled
Aust Ch Comeby Show Me The Money
Snowbelt's Special Edition (imp NZ)
Shartooz Navy Seal RN

Australian Bred Dog

1st Aust Ch Blueamble My Toyboy Is Black Australian Bred in Show
2nd Aust Ch Owjedoo Rugged Ranger
3rd Parkeyre Starry Starry Night
Abs Aust Ch Dykinta Tried N True ET
Abs Ch Borderton Law Enforcement
Aust Ch Crystaleye KissO Passion
Aust Ch Blueamble Mr President
Aust Ch Dreamoz Marlon Brando
Aust Ch NuthinButt Impressive
Aust Ch Lanbart Cetshwayo
Aust Ch Sarasota Urban Legend PT

Open Dog

1st Aust Sup Ch Ellagant Rhythm N Blue PT DCC, Best in Show, Open in Show
2nd Aust Ch Jedabun The Entourage RDCC
3rd Aust Ch Mahteek Caramel Cobber
Abs Am/ASCA/Aust Ch Wyndstar Sky Lights (imp USA)
Abs Aust Ch Comeby No Mere Ranger
Aust Gr Ch Dykinta Bear Liason
Aust Sup Ch Dykinta Hot Property ET
Aust Ch ArticIvory Watch Ur Back
Aust Sup Ch Dreamoz Inaugural Boy
Aust Sup Ch Comeby Sargon Ruler PT
Aust Sup Ch AzProudAz Aurora Magic
Am/Aust/NZ Ch Alnairs The Guardian (imp USA)

Baby Puppy Bitch

1st Dreamoz More Than Gold (AI)
2nd Borderton Copyright Law
3rd Parkeyre Winter Is Coming
Abs Borderton Its All About Me
Dykinta Shadow Mist

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Ellagant Chant My Name
2nd Nuthinbutt Reality Bites

Puppy Bitch

1st Aolani Maisilva Bullet (imp USA)
Abs Mysql As Shes Walking Away

Junior Bitch

1st Rozate OneKiss CloserToHeaven Junior in Show
2nd Ellagant Enchanting Rhythm
3rd Blueamble No Strings On Me
Nuthinbutt Zips Funny Gal

Intermediate Bitch

1st Aust Ch Aolani Mai Silva Treasure (imp USA) Intermediate in Show
2nd Cuebiyar Mistress ofthe Ships
3rd Aust Ch Dreamoz Breakfast at Tiffanys
Abs Aust Ch Kinbrace Take Your Best Shot (imp NZ)
Abs Lanbart Zulu Dawn (AI)
Aust Ch Dreamoz Mademoiselle
Comeby Angel Wings
Aust Ch Ellagant Legally Blonde
Roadsend Whos That Girl
Aust Ch Dykinta I Gotta Feeling HIT
Aust Ch Nuthinbutt Obvious Class
Blueamble Racy Red Knickers
Cuebiyar The Hitchhikers Guide
Cuebiyar DejaVu All Over Again
Sarbinma Chokerrerouge RN

Australian Bred Bitch

1st Aust Ch Dykinta Royal Blue Dolton
2nd Sarbinma Dazzling Aurora RN
3rd Aust Gr Ch Ripkurle Between The Sheets
Abs Aust Ch Cuebiyar Fire In The Sky
Abs Aust Ch Blueamble Hells Angel
Aust Ch Nuthinbutt Dress to Impress
Aust Ch Lanbart Blackberry Dash
Cuebiyar LoveInThTimeOfDragons
Shartooz Jacks Secret Song
Dykinta Hot Liaison
Aust Ch Cuebiyar ChantillyLace
Aust Ch Tuscamada Peaches N Cream ET
Aust Ch Tolazrun Savannah Peach CCD
Jedabun Raising Hope
Aust Ch Tolazrun Kansas Sunflowa ET
Kyambel Benz the Rulz

Open Bitch

1st Aust Ch Jedabun Hopes N Dreams BCC, Runner Up Best in Show
2nd Aust Sup Ch Blueamble Stelaluna RBCC
3rd Aust Sup Ch Ellagant Pretty N Blue
Aust Ch Dykinta Night Music
Aust Sup Ch Comeby S As Good As Gold
Aust Ch Sarbinma Little Lassie Mya CCD RN
Aust Ch Jedabun Gossip Girl
Aust Ch Tolazrun Brandy Alexandra (iid)
Aust Ch Mysql Genuine Risk (iid)

Neuter Dog

1st Aust Ch/Neuter Ch Lanbart Hugo Boss HT ET NDCC, Neuter in Show
2nd Neuter Ch Dykinta Make My Day CD RN JD SPDX HT
3rd Wlkabout Care to Tango CD RN

Neuter Bitch

1st Aust Ch Sugargum ArtOfConspiracy NBCC
2nd Aust Ch/Neuter Ch Brashelle Dare To Dream CD
3rd Cuebiyar The Lady of the Lake
Dual Ch (T)/Neuter Ch Shartooz Tale Ov Love PT

Property Classes

Gaited Dog

1st Ch Jedabun The Entourage
2nd Sup Ch Dreamoz Inaugural Boy
3rd Crystaleye Hearts On Fire

Gaited Bitch

1st Cuebiyar Mistress Ofthe Ships Champion Gaited
2nd Ch Aolanis Mai Silva Treasure (imp USA)
3rd Aolani's Maisilva Bullet (imp USA)

Headed Dog

1st Ch Tolazrun Too Good To Be Blue (AI) Champion Headed
2nd Aolani's Maisilva Sonic Boom (imp USA)
3rd Ch Jedabun The Entourage

Headed Bitch

1st Aolani's Maisilva Bullet (imp USA)
2nd Cuebiyar Lady Of The Lake
3rd Sup Ch Ellagant Pretty N Blue

Best Footed

1st Ch Dreamoz Breakfast At Tiffanys
2nd Ch Nuthinbutt Dress To Impress
3rd Cuebiyar The Hitchhikers Guide

Best Merle

1st Ch Dreamoz Marlon Brando
2nd Neut Ch Dykinta Make My Day CD RN JD SPDX HT
3rd Blueamble No Strings On Me

Best Solid

1st Ch Aolanis Mai Silva Treasure (imp USA)
2nd Ch Blueamble Leisure Suit Larry
3rd Ch Sarasota Urban Legend HT

MVA Dogs

1st Ch Tolazrun Too Good To Be Blue (AI)

MVA Bitch

1st Ch Kinbrace Take Your Best Shot (imp NZ)
2nd Ch Tolazrun Brandy Alexandra (iid USA)

Breeders Team

1st Blueamble
2nd Aolani
3rd Dreamoz

Obedience Judge: Ms J Walder (NSW)


1st Rozate An Affair To Remember CD RE ET

Community Companion Dog

1st Sarbinma Smart Akira RN

Rally Obedience Judge: Mrs Sue Fedoryschyn (NSW)

Excellent B

1st Rozate An Affair To Remember CD RE ET
2nd Kaasha Star Bright UD RAE

Advanced B

1st Kaasha Star Bright UD RAE
2nd Rozate An Affair To Remember CD RE ET

Advanced A

1st Sarbinma Smart Akira RN


1st Sarbinma Sunny Nova
2nd Ch Dykinta Tried N True ET
3rd Ch Tolazrun Savannah Peach CCD