What Aussies Can Do

Am/ASCA/Aust Ch McMatt's Lovely Lily (imp USA) "Tilley" Ch Cuebiyar Jacobs Ladder (iid) "Jacob" Ch Beckabrook Hot Cayenne CDX JD AD "Anzac"

Dogs’ conformation and movement are compared to the breed standard and the best dogs of the day progress until they compete for the ultimate award, Best in Show.


Dogs showcase their natural instincts to do what they are bred for (move livestock) around set courses in a controlled manner. What better way to have fun!

Aust Gr Ch Leesway Spice of Life UD ADX JD FDX ET PT "Spice" - heeling Dual Ch (O) Sugargum Ruff Player JD "Shaali" - retrieve over high jump Ch Beckabrook Hot Cayenne CDX JD AD "Anzac" - stay

Dogs perform a sequence of exercises designed to showcase the bond between owner and animal and the dog’s suitability for today’s society

Ag Ch Cuebiyar FollowUrDreams ADM JDM ADO JDO GDX SPDM SDX "Jahz" - dogwalk Leesway Mr Show Biz CD AD JD SPD SD GD ET HSAsd HSBs ... "Buz" - tyre jump Cuebiyar Shindig AD JD GD SD SPD "Kruze" - jump Aust Gr Ch Leesway Spice of Life UD ADX JD FDX ET PT "Spice" - tyre jump Ch Beckabrook Hot Cayenne CDX JD AD "Anzac" - jump

Agility was originally developed from equestrian show jumping. The aim of this competition is for a handler to direct their dog around a course of different obstacles with accuracy and speed


Dogs and owners run or ride a 20 km course, veterinary test are held along the course to ensure dogs are medically fit and under no stress


Tracking involves training a dog to smell an article belonging to the tracklayer and from this scent find & follow the person's track till the end. The dog must also find and indicate any object dropped along the track by the tracklayer.


A relay race between 2 teams of 4 dogs racing side by side, each dog must jump four hurdles, trigger a pedal to release a ball, catch the ball and return to their handler over the hurdles

Dancing with Dogs

A combination of obedience and dancing moves set to music showing tremendous dog and handler teamwork

Frisbee / Disc Dog

There are varied competitions all with the aim of catching and retrieving a frisbee thrown by the owner. Distance, speed and style are all important.

Be A Fantastic Companion!