Australian Shepherd Association of NSW Inc

Enjoying and Promoting the Australian Shepherd in NSW

Judges Training Field Night

Wednesday, 5 March, 2014

Access to a good number of dogs, especially those that are very good specimens of their breed, is essential for the Trainee Candidates to consolidate their knowledge of each breed and develop their skill in assessing each breed against its Breed Standard as well as against its peers. Your help in enabling them to do this would be very much appreciated by them.

An Invitation was extended to NSW Aussie exhibitors to:
• Bring dogs along on the night allocated for your breed ie 5th March 2014
• Bring dogs along on a Review/Mini Group Night ie 2nd April 2014

They would appreciate those who are bringing dogs along on a particular night to contact Lynda Brandt, preferably via email, and let her know you are coming.