Australian Shepherd Association of NSW Inc

Enjoying and Promoting the Australian Shepherd in NSW

2000 Conformation Show

Saturday, 22 April, 2000
Breed Judge: 
Mrs Janet Robinson (USA)

Baby Puppy Dog
1st Tillsun Dance With Me
2nd Silvanwood The Devils Own
3rd Beckabrook Bucaneer
4th Silvanwood After The Storm
Borderton Yanki Star
Minor Puppy Dog
1st Leesway Cruising By
2nd Sugargum Star Trekker
3rd Myriahill Markd Man
Abs Sasin Jaiz Ghostrider
Puppy Dog
1st Sasin Highland Clansman
2nd Beckabrook Razzle Dazzle
3rd Borcat Law and Order
Abs Sasin Highland Chieftane
Abs Tillsun Grt Expectations
Junior Dog
1st Leesway Hot Pepper
2nd Silvanwood Highwayman
3rd Leesway Levi Blues
4th Leesway Banjoes Tale
Abs Silvanwood Final Option
Abs BuffaloRun Only The Brave (imp USA)
Wlkabout Always Touchwod
Leesway Chatterbox
Sugargum Ruff Diamond
Leesway Hot Buttered Rum
Leesway Red Hot Rumour
Intermediate Dog
1st Leesway The Real McCoy
2nd Aust Ch Beckabrook Hot Cayenne CD
3rd Grand Ch Leesway Spice of Life CD
4th Aust Ch Sugargum Topgrade Dymond
Aust Ch Leesway Dare To Differ
Aust Ch Myriahill Cut And Deal
Aust Ch Sasin Yankees Flint
Leesway Just Country
Beckabrook Spangln Spurs
Australian Bred Dog
1st Aust Ch Silvanwood Obsidian
2nd Aust Ch Leesway Tango In Blue
3rd Aust Ch Silvanwood Saxony Onyx
4th Aust Ch Leesway All American Boy (iid) CD
Aust Ch Silvanwood A New Force
Leesway Come In Spinner
Aust Ch Silvanwood Genesis CD
Aust Ch Sasin American Tuff Guy (iid)
Aust Ch Beckabrook Jack The Lad
Open Dog
1st Am Ch/Aust Ch Moonstruck's Star Slayer (imp... DCC, Best in Show, Open in Show
2nd Am Ch/Aust Ch Propwash Snow Owl (imp USA) RDCC
3rd Aust Ch Leesway Wizard Of Oz CDX
4th Aust Ch Sasin Bravo Battle Flag (iid)
Abs Leesway American Hero
Aust Ch Sasin Bravo Silver Lark (iid) CD
Am/Aust Ch Thornapple Markd By Darkness...
Aust Ch Sasin American Pilgrim (iid)
Aust Ch Leesway Yankee Lad (iid)
Aust Ch Silvanwood Sthern Storm
Aust Ch Good Time Zeke (imp USA)
Aust Ch Wlkabout Escapade Benhur
Aust Ch Sasin American Tonka (iid)
Am Ch Legacy's Patriot Games (imp USA)
Baby Puppy Bitch
1st Silvanwood Working Girl Baby Puppy in Show
2nd Inneslake Intrigue
3rd Silvanwood After All
4th Silvanwood After Effect
Abs Tillsun Dances On Ice
Borderton Yanki Lass
Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Silvanwood Dark Force Champion Puppy In Show, Minor P...
2nd Leesway Golly Miss Molly
3rd Borcat Almost An Angel
Puppy Bitch
1st Tillsun Now You See Her Puppy in Show
2nd Sasin Indiana Nightowl
3rd Beckabrook Kiss For Luck
4th Tillsun Follow Your Heart
Junior Bitch
1st Silvanwood The Big Steal Junior in Show
2nd Sugargum Ruff Draft
3rd Leesway Secret Affair
4th Leesway Daring Affair
Sugargum Ruff Player
Intermediate Bitch
1st Aust Ch Leesway Crystal Blue Intermediate in Show
2nd Aust Ch Silvanwood Shame On You
3rd Sasin Yankees Flare
4th Aust Ch Sugargum Topsy Turvy
Abs Sasin Yankees Flicka
Abs Leesway Leilani Mist
Leesway Blue Style
Leesway Image Of Dream
Beckabrook Blue Ribbon
Aust Ch Sasin Dancing Domino
Australian Bred Bitch
1st Aust Ch Silvanwood Azzure Jewel BCC, Runner Up Best in Show, Au...
2nd Aust Ch Leesway American Dream (iid)
3rd Aust Ch Silvanwood A New Spirit
4th Aust Ch Silvanwood A New Promise
Silvanwood Restless Hart
Sasin Dances With Fire
Sasin American Snokiss (iid)
Aust Ch Leesway She Is A Sequel
Aust Ch Leesway Up Up And Away
Open Bitch
1st Aust Ch Sugargum Top Shelf RBCC
2nd Liberty Belle of Ironhorse (imp USA)
3rd Aust Ch Leesway Harmony In Blue
4th Aust Ch Sasin Bravo Storm Cloud (iid)
Aust Ch Leesway American Maid (iid)
Aust Ch Leesway The Bees Knees
Beckabrook Flying High
Hamiltons Star Sapphire (imp USA)
Aust Ch Sasin Bravo Blue Star (iid)
Am Ch/Aust Ch Ebbtide Foreign Affair (imp USA)
Aust Ch Mareith Dyleesian Treasure (imp UK)
Aust Ch Leesway American Thyme (iid)